The Government's Violence Cannot Stop the Georgian People's Aspiration towards the European Future

On the night of May 8, the government's nerves failed, and they prematurely revealed their intentions for Georgia's future. The shift in foreign policy and announced repressions by Bidzina Ivanishvili on April 29 have swiftly materialized into tangible actions - threats and insults hurled at hundreds of citizens have escalated into physical assaults and organized reprisals against politicians and activists.

The oligarch and his puppets seem to forget that Georgia is not Russia. Georgians know the value of freedom. Our struggle for European future cannot be undermined by tactics reminiscent of Russian security services. Georgians do not condone ambushing individuals, pursuing them through hallways, or attempting to break down doors to intimidate small children. This is how the Russian regime operates. 

We will provide legal assistance to all victims. Every instance of targeted attacks on active citizens - whether during recent demonstrations or presently - will be thoroughly followed up to the end. We will demand and ensure the identification of all perpetrators.

Freedom stands as the cornerstone of Georgian values. That is why we stand and will stand on the guard of Georgia's European future, shielding our nation from Russian tactics and violence. The Georgian people will emerge victorious from this struggle, and the aggressors will face appropriate consequences.