Freedom of Expression in Georgia

On 31 January 2020, GDI presented its report on Freedom of Expression in Georgia. The report was prepared with the financial support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation, within the project – Litigation for Freedom of Expression.


The statement of the President of Georgia undermines the rule of law and fundamental principles of a democratic society

When addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on January 28, the President of Georgia stated that Georgia was ready to host a delegation from the Russian Federation in May, including Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, by bypassing the Georgian Law on Occupied Territories


The Coalition Criticizes the Independent Inspector’s Selection Process

After electing the previous Independent Inspector as a Supreme Court justice, the High Council of Justice (HCOJ) announced a competition for selecting the new Independent Inspector. The period of December 17 through December 26 was set for submitting applications. According to current regulations, the HSOJ has to announce the competition for the post no later than one month after termination of the Independent Inspector’s tenure. However, the time-period for accepting applications is not defined.


The Coalition is reacting to the process of selection of candidates for the position of Prosecutor General

On December 12, the Parliament of Georgia confirmed Shalva Tadumadze, at the time Prosecutor General, for the position of a Supreme Court judge. In cases where the Prosecutor General’s authority is terminated prior to the completion of his term, the Prosecutorial Council is required to immediately carry out consultations with representatives of academic circles, civil society and legal professionals with an aim of selecting a candidate for a new Prosecutor General.


CSOs call on the State Inspector to Petition the Prosecutor’s Office to Relinquish Tsurtsumia’s Case to Her Office

The under-signatory CSOs believe that the January 2, 2020 crime committed against Murad Tsurtsumia, 24 years-old young man, must be investigated by the State Inspector’s Service. Therefore, we call on the State Inspector, to use her authority under the legislation and petition the prosecutor’s office to relinquish the case to her office for further investigation. 


The Acting Chief Justice is violating the Law

According to the Constitution, the Supreme Court appoints three out of the nine members of the Constitutional Court. It was through this procedure, that Constitutional Court Justice Maia Kopaleishvili, whose term ended on December 5, was appointed.


Special Statement of Georgian Non-Governmental Organizations

In light of the ongoing tense political developments in the country, we are calling on the government:

To reject the use of any type of force against the demonstrators and avoid the escalation of the situation, which could potentially result in a state of full-fledged political instability and transform into events that could go beyond all legislative frameworks.


Address of Georgian Civil Society Organizations and Civic activists to the European Socialists Party (PES)

We, the undersigned representatives of the Georgian civil society organizations and civic activists, would like to address you at this important moment in the history of modern Georgia and urge you to take immediate and adequate actions responding to the grave challenges to the pluralistic and participatory democracy in the country, as a result of the actions of the ruling party Georgian Dream, a sister party to PES, which adds on to the ongoing state capture by the informal governor of Georgia and the chair of the party Mr. Ivanishvili.