EU CANDIDACY CHECK - how is Georgia progressing towards fulfilling 12 priorities defined by the EU

Civil Society Organizations continue to monitor the fulfillment of 12 priorities defined by the European Commission to grant the candidate status to the country. Under the leadership of the Open Society Georgia Foundation, 8 organizations prepared an assessment document – EU CANDIDACY CHECK, which reflects the progress achieved by the Georgian authorities in this context until the period of March 31, 2023, as well as the current state of play and the steps to be implemented in the future.

According to CSOs’ assessments, at this stage, one priority is fully implemented, two priorities are mostly fulfilled, four priorities are partially fulfilled, and five priorities defined by the European Union are to be fulfilled.

EU CANDIDACY CHECK combines the expectations of EU institutions, member states, civil society, and political groups. Along with describing the current implementation status of each priority, the document also offers a list of remaining challenges.

The 7th condition in the document - the state of fulfillment of "media freedom" was prepared by the authorship of GDI. GDI believes that the condition on media freedom is still to be fulfilled. 

Civil Society Organizations continue to assess the government’s progress in fulfilling 12 priorities and share the assessments with the citizens of Georgia, as EU membership is a strong choice of the people of Georgia.