The Coalition's Open Letter to the Speaker of the Parliament on the Termination of Authority of Zaza Kharebava, a High Council of Justice Member

This statement concerns the Liberty Monitor’s investigative report and information circulated by different media outlets (, which reveal that the requirements of the Law of Georgia on Common Courts were violated in the process of selecting Zaza Kharebava, a non-judge member of the High Council of Justice, by the Parliament of Georgia.


The Coalition is assessing new rules for nomination and selection of Supreme Court justices

The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary reacts to the legislative changes on the selection of Supreme Court justices by presenting a concluding opinion on the content and process of adoption of the amendments.


NGOs Respond to the Impeachment Initiative of Adjara TV and Radio Director

With this statement signatory non-governmental organizations would like to express our strong negative attitude towards the initiative of two members of the Advisory Board of the Adjara Public Broadcaster on the impeachment of Natia Kapanadze, Director of Adjara TV and Radio.


The Coalition's letter to the Venice Commission and OSCE/ODHIR on the draft law on selection of Supreme Court justices

In light of the local context and recent developments in Georgia, the Coalition believes that the adoption of the draft law initiated by the Speaker of the Parliament and nomination of the candidates based on the proposed procedures will have a detrimental impact on the Georgian judiciary.


Member organizations of the Platform “No to Phobia!” State the Initiatives Submitted to the Parliament of Georgia Are Discriminative

We would like to express our opinion with regard to several initiatives submitted to the Parliament of Georgia and the comments of the MPs over the draft laws. It is alarming that not only the initiatives are discriminative, but their authors are the chairpersons of the parliamentary committees.


The Coalition Left the Working Format offered by the Speaker of Parliament of Georgia

The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary has left the Parliamentary Speaker’s working group for designing Supreme Court Justice selection procedures and criteria because the format did not serve as a means for discussing genuine legislative changes, which are to ensure a merit-based approach to the selection process and its transparent and impartial conduct


Open Letter to the Diplomatic Missions

On behalf of Georgian people, who are deeply concerned with the ongoing state of judiciary in the country, we are contacting you as active supporters of Georgia’s democratic development. On different occasions we have addressed government, political entities and various institutions regarding these concerns. However, we have not approached you on this matter before, as decisions regarding the development of the country should be carried out by its citizens and international partners can only provide their kind recommendations and support in this regard.


“No to Phobia!” Civil Platform Requests to Qualify the Murder of Vitaly Safarov as Organized Crime

“No to Phobia!” civil platform echoes the fact of ruthless murder of the human rights defenders Vitaly Safarov, 25, and calls on the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to re-qualify the criminal case into an organized crime.