Statement of GDI on the Incident at the Restaurant “La Trouffe”

According to the information from Media, during the night time, on 11 May, 2013 the incident took place at the restaurant “La Trouffe” which grew into the physical violence. According to the information received, two members of Georgian Parliament and former Minister Zaza Gorozia sustained injuries.

Both the members of Parliament and other persons present at the table attribute the incident to their political views and activities.

GDI condemns any act of violence and considers that the similar incident will be negatively reflected on the political processes in Georgia.

In addition we reflect on the statement made by the Chairperson of the Committee of human Rights and Civil Integration of Parliament, Ms. Eka Beselia who on the one hand condemned the act of violence, and on the other hand her comment indirectly justified the fact of violence.

We consider that statements of this nature are dangerous and might promote new wave of violence on political grounds.

At the same time we call upon the Minister of Internal Affairs to ensure prompt and effective investigation of the incident, which took place in the restaurant “La Trouffe” to identify the offenders and prosecute them.