Joint Statement on Ways to Ease the Crisis Arising from the Decision to Detain Nika Melia

On February 17, 2021, Tbilisi City Court granted the motion of the Prosecutor General of Georgia and used detention against the Chairperson of the United National Movement, Nika Melia.


Assessment of the February 11, 2021 decision of the Constitutional Court of Georgia regarding pandemic related restrictions.

February 11, 2021 decision of the First Panel of the Constitutional Court of Georgia and its motivation is extremely alarming, it significantly deviates from the legal reasoning, constitutional standards and the country’s reality in general. We believe that the decision contains significant risks of arbitrary and unilateral decisions of the executive branch of government.


Statement of non-governmental organizations on keeping the curfew in effect

The signatory organizations refer to the decision of the Government of Georgia on keeping the curfew in force yet again whilst easing restrictive measures in general. We believe that maintaining the curfew in this form is contrary to the Constitution of Georgia and, in light of easing restrictions, is even a better example of the arbitrary exercise of powers delegated to the Government of Georgia.


GDI has a new Chairperson

The Governing Board of Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI) has elected Eduard Marikashvili as the Chairperson of the organization. Eduard Marikashvili has been a lawyer at GDI since 2014 and the Director of the Strategic Litigation Program since 2017.


NGO’s Statement on the Restriction of Freedom of Religion and Discriminatory State Policy

Civic platform "No to phobia!" And the „Coalition for Equality“ believe that the situation in Georgia in terms of protection of freedom of religion and belief has sharply deteriorated in recent months. The state violates the principles of secularism and equality, the rights of religious minorities and manifests unequal treatment towards people of different religious beliefs.


Joint statement of non-governmental organizations regarding the announced sanctions against the opposition parties.

Signatory organizations are extremely concerned about the initiative announced by the authorities, as it essentially aims to impose sanctions due to the protest of the opposition parties as a result of which opposition MPs renounce their parliamentary mandates.


Human rights in Georgia, 2020

The purpose of the document prepared by GDI is to provide a brief overview of the problems and challenges associated with the protection of human rights and freedoms in Georgia in 2020. The document discusses issues related to civil and political rights, as well as questions on the concept of rule of law.


The Draft Decree Regulating the Process of Selection of Supreme Court Judicial Candidates by the High Council of Justice is Problematic

The Coalition is reacting to the draft decree, which was published on the High Council of Justice webpage on December 1, 2020. The decree is supposed to regulate the process of selection of Supreme Court judges by the High Council of Justice. The Coalition believes that the proposed rules do not ensure an open and transparent process. They also considerably limit the ability of the Council members to actively engage in interviews and pose questions to candidates at their own discretion.