A joint statement of civil society and religious organizations

We, signatories to his statement, once again express our negative attitude to the draft law initiated in the Parliament of Georgia which imposes administrative liability for public expression of hatred towards sacred religious objects, a religious organization, a clergyman, or a believer.


Civil society organizations call on the Parliament of Georgia not to adopt the law that imposes administrative liability for insulting religious feelings of believers

We, signatories to this statement, express our negative attitude to the legislative initiative on imposing administrative liability for insulting religious feelings of believers which was submitted to the Parliament by the Government of Georgia.


Joint address to Georgian Government of Georgian Institute of European Values (GIEV) and Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI)

Leading Georgian NGOs Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI) and Georgian Institute of European Values (GEIV) fear pending amendments to the Law on Self-Government and Law on Tbilisi might be a serious drawback from European standards.


GDI Concerned Over Developments in the Georgian Public Broadcaster

Georgian Democracy Initiative expresses concern over the developments unfolding at the Georgian Public Broadcaster. Recent developments are alarming and undermine GPB’s reputation as the most balanced media corporation in the country. Lack of public and political attention towards this problem has contributed to deterioration of already complex state of affairs.


GDI Statement on Illegal surveillance of Bachana Akhalaia

Georgian Democracy Initiative expresses concern over revelation of illegal recordings carried out in the detention cell of former Interior and Defence Minister Bachana Akhalaia and calls upon the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia to launch investigation as well as identify and hold those responsible to liability. GDI also calls upon the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia to immediately prohibit any covert recordings of inmates in the without prior court permits.


Joint statement of non-governmental organizations regarding investigation of facts of torture in the penitentiary system

One year ago, on 18 September 2012, videos emerged in the media showing torture and the inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners in the penitentiary system. These videos clearly demonstrated the severity and scale of human rights violations in the penitentiary facilities.


GPB should provide main platform for political debates and overcome partisan games

Less than two months ahead the presidential elections, the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB), once again, is at the center of politically charged allegations and developments.


Rights of Muslim population grossly violated – Joint statement of the NGOs on events in Chela village

On August 26, 2013, in the village of Chela of Adigeni Municipality the Customs Department of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia dismantled the minaret of the mosque, while local Muslim population was physically assaulted by the representatives of the law-enforcement bodies; thus, rights of Muslim population were grossly violated.