Joint Statement of NGOs on a discriminatory report by the Georgian Public Broadcaster

On August 6, the main news program of Georgian Public Broadcaster, Moambe, reported a fatal incident caused by the negligence of parents, which took place in the US state of Kansas. A 10-month-old child died after being left by parents in the car under 30C degree heat. We believe that the report as presented by GPB deepens intolerance among society by indicating the sexual identity of parents and misinterpreting the facts. 


Statement of the "No to the Phobia!" Civil Platform NGOs

We would like to respond to the incidents that occurred during the latest matches of Chikhura FC, which have damaged not just Georgian sport, but also Georgian national interests and its international reputation.


NGOs respond to the indictment of the former President of Georgia by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office

NGOs are responding to the indictment of the former President of Georgia by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office. Launching of criminal proceedings against MikheilSaakashvili has raised a number of questions in terms of political motivation and impartiality of the investigation both within the country and in Georgia’s international partners. The US State Department and US senators have released statements in which they expressed concern about alleged political motives.


Statement of Non-Governmental Organizations on the Incident at the Armenian Church

During last two days, the group of non-governmental organizations has been examining the incident that took place at the Armenian Church of St. Etchmiadzin in Tbilisi, on 19 July, 2014. In the process, the group interviewed the victims and several aggressors, evaluated the video footage, which has caught the episodes of conflict. The results of primary analysis of the factual circumstances surrounding the incident demonstrate the presence of ethnic hatred context during the evolution of conflict, which was mostly expressed through verbal abuse on the ground of the ethnic origin. However, motives of ethnic strife or hostility did not dominate the identified reasons of violence. The video footage of incident and explanations of witnesses demonstrated that the private dispute, which later grew into wide-scale aggression, was mostly directed against the specific representatives of the Armenian Church, rather than against church or ethnic group in general. It is noteworthy, that some of the aggressors were of Armenian ethnic origin.


Human Rights Newsletter, June 2014

Georgian Democracy Initiative has issued the Human Rights Newsletter for June which reviews the process of the local self-government elections and the election environment, interesting details of the case of Gigi Ugulava, pressure on the regional media, problems related to holding of the Hope Festival, detention of a journalist of the Tabula TV Company, decisions made by the Constitutional Court, and other issues that were relevant in terms of human rights in June 2014.


Joint Statement of Non-governmental Organizations Concerning Sexist Fragment of TV Program on GDS TV

We would like to react to a fragment from the TV program “Bina -18,” aired by GDS TV Studio on July 9, which contained humiliating visualization of a female body. We believe that aforementioned footage represents openly sexist interpretation of roles ofwomen and men in society and further reinforces negative stereotypes among the society. Therefore, this fragment requires adequate assessment.


A statement of Georgian Democracy Initiative regarding the detention of Gigi Ugulava

Georgian Democracy Initiative expresses concern about the detention of the former Mayor of Tbilisi and the Head of the Election Headquarters of an opposition party, Gigi Ugulava, and the events that followed the detention, which are made extraordinary by the pre-election context, and calls on the law enforcement bodies to act in accordance with the principle of the rule of law and to investigate each fact of violation of rights effectively and in a timely manner.


A statement of Georgian Democracy Initiative regarding the detention of three citizens

Georgian Democracy Initiative is responding to the fact of detention of three citizens by the police on the night of June 28, 2014. As revealed from the news item prepared by Tabula TV station and statements of eye witnesses, the police officers presumably exceeded their authority and violated the law during and after the detention. Besides, according to the eye witnesses, the police officers assaulted the detainees physically, as a result of which one of the detainees bears an injury in the facial area.