About Us


Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit-making organization dedicated to research, analysis, and education to advance country’s democratic development and Euro-Atlantic integration.

GDI is committed to defending human rights, expanding inclusive society and promoting tolerance, strengthening democratic reforms and advancing the rule of law, enhancing transparency and accountability of public institutions. GDI pursues these ideals through monitoring, open debate, fact-based research and analysis of policy options to address the challenges facing Georgia.

The organization brings together high level professionals with an extensive record of research, advocacy and monitoring work in the key areas of GDI operation. The expertise, experience, impartiality and credibility of GDI’s team position the organization to be on the frontlines of Georgia’s most critical policy debates on human rights and democratic development.




Eduard Marikashvili

Chairperson of Board marikashvili@gdi.ge

Nino Tsagareishvili

Financial Manager ntsagareishvili@gdi.ge

Marine Kapanadze

Civil and Political Rights Program Director mkapanadze@gdi.ge

Gvantsa Tsulukidze

Rule of Law Program Director gtsulukidze@gdi.ge

Nino Eremashvili

Public Relation/Civic educatiom Program Director education@gdi.ge

David Jandieri

Head of the International Litigation Team

Mariam Kvariani

Lawyer mkvariani@gdi.ge

Ekaterine Subeliani

Lawyer esubeliani@gdi.ge

Vasil Zhizhilashvili

Lawyer vzhizhilashvili@gdi.ge

Mariam Taganashvili

International Litigation Lawyer mtaganashvili@gdi.ge

Vika Kakhidze

Administrative Assistant vkakhidze@gdi.ge

Nino Shelia

Lawyer nshelia@gdi.ge